Cured meats

We have selected the most typical Italian cured meats in all their forms and varieties. They are always handcrafted and produced in a traditional way to fine pork meat. Do not miss our specialties of Colonnata: the IGP Lard, the jowl, the bacon and the Vergazzata. Excellent lard of 'Suino Nero' produced by pork meat from Cinta Senese.

Cured meats

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Vergazzata di Colonnata

The 'Vergazzata di Colonnata' is a stretched bacon, matured in marble basins. It has rectangular shape and a rind on the lower surface. Its texture is quite soft. Taste and smell are very intense, due to the presence of aromatic herbs and spices on its surface.

€10.00 Price

Lardo di Colonnata IGP

The "Lardo di Colonnata" is made with Italian heavy pig lard whose meat is also used for Prosciutto di Parma DOP.  More than 5 cm tall, squared and trimmed, it is placed in the marble basins of Colonnata, covered with sea salt, black pepper, various spices, Italian garlic and local rosemary for a 6-month seasoning. When cut, it gives off spicy and sweet aromas; it has a soft and compact fabric, deep sweetness, herbaceous reflections.

€12.00 Price

Capicollo of Calabrian "Suino Nero"

Obtained from the upper loin part. The Capicollo has a very dark red color meat, veined with white fat tending to pink. At first, its flavor is pungent, but then becomes wide and deep with a sweet and aromatic taste.

€39.50 Price
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