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In this section you will find different types of high quality products to enrich your pantry. Creams and sauces for bruschetta, to give taste and imagination to your first dishes and appetizers. Salts and spices to flavor. Rice flour ideal for breading. Vegetables in oil for your appetizers. Sauces and gravy for pasta dishes.

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Patè Of Taggiasca Olives in jar

The olive patè is obtained by mixing olives and olive oil. The consistency is pasty. the color is dark brown, and is characterized by an aromatic smell and a typically salty taste.

€5.20 Price

White eggplants in extra virgin olive oil

A natural homemade product obtained from the processing of farm-to-table eggplants. Aromas, garlic and chili pepper makes our white eggplants even more tasty.

€6.50 Price

Ragout La Granda

Traditional ragout, made with Fassona adult beef Razza Piemontese (Slow Food Presidium) and the addition of tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, extra virgin olive oil and red wine.

€6.00 Price

Bruschetta with Artichokes and Chili Pepper

Genuine artichokes from our garden worked by hand, chili pepper and 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil: these ingredients are enough to obtain a bruschetta that will conquer you with its distinctive taste.

€6.50 Price

Pulp of Taggiasca Olives

This olive pulp is obtained from our Taggiasca olives in brine; the fruits are separated from the kernel and the pulp is ground, the final addition of extra virgin taggiasca olive oil makes it soft and creamy.

€6.00 Price

Tropea Red Onion Fillets IGP

Tropea red onion fillets are ideal as an appetizer or side dish to main courses and for the filling of delicious canapés. Suitable for the preparation of rustic cakes and excellent on pizzas.

€7.00 Price

Patè of Dried Tomatoes

This paté of dried tomatoes is a real explosion of taste for appetizers, canapés, bruschetta.

€7.50 Price

Mostarda with Barbera grapes

A typical product of the Piedmontese culinary tradition obtained by combining grape must with seasonal fruit such as apples, quinces, peaches or figs. The liquid must and fruit are cooked and made to thicken to get the classic consistency of a jam.

€6.50 Price
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