Creams and sauces

Discover our selection of creams and sauces made with 100% Italian natural and genuine ingredients. Traditional Piedmontese products such as 'Bagna Cauda' and 'Antipasto Misto'. The beaten and the pulp of 'Taggiasca' olives to season the bruschette and for appetizers. The olive paté and the lard cream, excellent for delicious appetizers.

Creams and sauces

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Green Olives Paté in Jar

The green olive pâté is obtained by mixing excellent table olives with extra virgin olive oil, then enriched with the addition of capers. Ideal to spread on bruschetta or to accompany meat main courses.

€5.20 Price

Patè Of Taggiasca Olives in jar

The olive patè is obtained by mixing olives and olive oil. The consistency is pasty. the color is dark brown, and is characterized by an aromatic smell and a typically salty taste.

€5.20 Price

Dried Tomatoes Cream

Tomato cream is obtained by mixing dried tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil. Ideal to spread on bruschetta or to accompany meat main courses.

€6.00 Price

Bruschetta with Artichokes and Chili Pepper

Genuine artichokes from our garden worked by hand, chili pepper and 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil: these ingredients are enough to obtain a bruschetta that will conquer you with its distinctive taste.

€6.50 Price

Bruschetta with Eggplant and Peppers

If you are looking for a delicious recipe for an appetizer or aperitif, the bruschetta of eggplant and peppers is an irresistible dish. The vegetables come from the farm's garden and are processed immediately after harvesting.

€6.50 Price

Bagna cauda

Traditionally, Bagna Cauda was prepared at the end of the harvest to reward the harvesters of the work done: in fact, still today it is prepared and consumed in the autumn and winter period. The Bagna Cauda more than just a dish, is a real hymn to conviviality.

€8.50 Price

Piedmontese Mixed Appetizer

This timeless traditional appetizer is made only with local vegetables and 100% Italian ingredients. Once, it was prepared by the Piedmontese peasant families and today this recipe is still appreciated, thanks to the flavor of fresh vegetables that goes exceptionally well with sweet and sour tomato sauce.

€9.00 Price

Pulp of Taggiasca Olives

This olive pulp is obtained from our Taggiasca olives in brine; the fruits are separated from the kernel and the pulp is ground, the final addition of extra virgin taggiasca olive oil makes it soft and creamy.

€6.00 Price

Brined Pulp of Taggiasca Olives

The brined pulp of our Taggiasca olives is ground very coarsely and it is enriched with the addition of extra virgin taggiasca olive oil. The result is a battuto of olives that enhances the scent and the delicacy of the fruits and the sweetness of the oil.

€8.00 Price
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