Oil and vinegar

Discover our selection of oils and vinegars from the best Italian producers. The extra virgin olive oils are all 100% Italian. Our selection also includes IGP oils. The choice of dressings includes great DOP and IGP balsamic vinegars.

Oil and vinegar

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White Amphora

100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil composed of 100% Intosso olives

€33.50 Price

Monocultivar Oil "Leccio del Corno"

Italian extra virgin olive oil 100% monocultivar Leccio del Corno.

This monocultivar oil has an intense green color, with scents of aromatic herbs such as thyme and borage. In the mouth, it has an aroma of unripe olives and gives spicy and bitter sensations.

€15.50 Price

Monocultivar Oil "Intosso"

100% ITALIAN Extra virgin olive oil monocultivar Intosso.

Oil with generous flavors and scents. It is the fruit of the typical olive trees, that grow at the feet of the Maiella mountains.

His flavor is medium-high fruity, delicate, harmonious and balanced with herbaceous and tomato notes.

€15.50 Price

Monocultivar Oil "Tortiglione"

100% ITALIAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil monocultivar Tortiglione.

This particular olive tree has a singular bearing and a very showy and twisted trunk. This cultivar is typical of some municipalities in the province of Teramo and it seems to be unique, because it has not been found in any other area of Italy. The oil produced with Tortiglione olives is very rich in polyphenols, more than twice as any other oils.

€15.50 Price

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Taggiasca"

Obtained from the cold processing of Taggiasche olives collected in our olive groves and ground within 24 hours, it is an essential component of the most refined cuisine because its gentle aroma does not cover the flavors but enhances them.

€21.50 Price
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