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Gattinara DOCG 2006 Wooden case - 1.5 l

Describing a multi awarded winning wine might seem simple, but, in fact, we are definitely talking about a very complex wine. The Gattinara 2006 won for three consecutive times the 3 Gambero Rosso Glasses, in addition to the title of Grande Vino for the Slow Food guide.

The color is a ruby red with reflections tending to orange.

On the nose, Nebbiolo releases all the notes deriving from the wooden barrels in which it has been aged for over 5 years, on the palate there is a range of sensations that are always accompanied by the ferrous taste deriving from the soil in which it is born, capable of making this wine unique, unequivocally.

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Gattinara DOCG 2017 Wooden case - 1.5 l

The hills of Gattinara cover very few hectares and are among the most evocative in Italy with small historic vineyards set on steep hills.

The vineyards are difficult to work and the almost entirely manual cultivation give an additional value to this fantastic wine. In addition to this, however, the main feature that makes Gattinara unique is the composition of volcanic soil.

The color is ruby red with orange reflections, the scent is reminiscent of purple and the palate is dry and with a bitter bottom.

Nebbiolo is a grape that particularly loves these characteristics, this gives the wine a certain austerity, vigorous tannins, but at the same time a great character and complexity.

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Ghemme DOCG 2001 Wooden case - 1,5 l

Ghemme 2001 is an important example of an unusual vintage that however retains all the character of a great wine. The nose has persistent notes of leather and tobacco while on the palate is soft and enveloping with a certain dose of flavor and a nice note of acidity.

This Ghemme brings back in the field of "vintage" characteristics: it is a wine that has been resting for more than twenty years, ideal for those looking for special tastes and is not satisfied to drink a classic full-bodied wine.

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Ghemme DOCG 2015 Wooden case - 1.5 l

The Ghemme DOCG is grown in an area with just over 60 hectares of vineyards of great value. The position of the vineyards, the great temperature variations due to the influence of Monte Rosa give this grape an elegant and complex aromatic variability.

Ghemme is a ruby red wine with hints of orange. On the nose is intense and fine with hints of violet and licorice. On the palate has a full taste, rich, unique also thanks to the clay soil and the exposure to the West of the hills.

Its character remains very fascinating even after many years.

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Colline Novaresi DOC - Erbavoglio

Erbaluce is the only grape variety possible to obtain a white DOC wine in Alto Piemonte, however, the Erbaluce denomination has been entrusted in an exclusive way to the area of Caluso, like the term Greco which is used to define some white wines in Southern Italy.

This fine white wine is called Erbavoglio since it is not possible to mention the name of Erbaluce in the label despite being the only grape variety that can be used to have the D.O.C. 

Erbaluce is known as "the reddest of white wines", thanks to its intensity on the palate.

The color is straw yellow, on the nose is very fruity, with notes of lemon grass. On the palate it is fresh and slightly sapid, acidulous with a slightly bitter bottom.

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Colline Novaresi DOC - Barlàn

Barlàn is a rosè wine out of all standards, produced exclusively with Nebbiolo DOC GHEMME grapes.

Creating a rosé using as a base the top of the Italian red berried grape, Nebbiolo in fact, may seem paradoxical, in fact the result was brilliant.

Nebbiolo has perfectly fallen into these unusual robes relying on a high level of acidity and an important range of aromas.

The color is pink with reflections tending to copper, on the nose has a bouquet of floral notes, on the palate is fresh and robust but soft despite the fact that it is a young wine.

Le Revue Du Vin De France "The rosé wine is exceptional, tasted blindly is worth a great rosé of Provence"

The Barlàn was awarded the gold medal at the San Francisco International WINE Competition.


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