Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oils are all 100% Italian. Quality is guaranteed by strict controls carried out during the various stages of the production process and before bottling, but also by the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. In this selection you can choose between the IGP 'Colline della Lunigiana' cold-extracted oil, the 'Taggiasca' olive oil, the 'Leccino' and the unfiltered Novello. High quality oils from Tuscany and Liguria. Very practical package of 5 liters.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Taggiasca"

Obtained from the cold processing of Taggiasche olives collected in our olive groves and ground within 24 hours, it is an essential component of the most refined cuisine because its gentle aroma does not cover the flavors but enhances them.

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OROGIALLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil "100% Italian - Cold Extracted"

The quality of this oil is guaranteed by very strict monitoring carried out during the whole production process, and by checks on the organoleptic characteristics of the oil made before bottling. We certify all our products with 100% Italian origin. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Orogiallo" is obtained from the extraction by a Continuous Centrifugal System with 2 and a half phases and the cold extraction is carried out through the electronic temperature control.

It is a blend of typical Ligurian and Tuscan olives and 100% Italian olives

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