Pickles and sottolio

We have selected a wide range of products in traditional extra virgin olive oil. Ancient homemade recipes that will win over the whole family. 100% natural and Italian ingredients such as vegetables processed according to the model of the short chain and following the seasonality.

Pickles and sottolio

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Once, the 'Giardiniera' was a storage method for part of the vegetables produced in the summer months, in order to consume them during the winter: the philosophy of "nothing is wasted". Today, with the same philosophy, we propose this delicious Piedmontese appetizer with farm-to-table vegetables, consisting of seven sweet and sour vegetables.

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Chili Pepper in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Typically prepared in the summer months, this homemade preserve is one of the most versatile in the kitchen: excellent for giving flavor and spiciness to first courses, appetizers and bruschetta

€5.50 Price

White eggplants in extra virgin olive oil

A natural homemade product obtained from the processing of farm-to-table eggplants. Aromas, garlic and chili pepper makes our white eggplants even more tasty.

€6.50 Price

Thistles In Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thistles are vegetables rich in fiber and mineral salts, with multiple beneficial properties. In this recipe, we use only the hunchbacked thistle of Nizza Monferrato, a variety known throughout Italy for its sweetness and crunchiness.

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Tropea Red Onion Fillets IGP

Tropea red onion fillets are ideal as an appetizer or side dish to main courses and for the filling of delicious canapés. Suitable for the preparation of rustic cakes and excellent on pizzas.

€6.50 Price

Patè of Dried Tomatoes

This paté of dried tomatoes is a real explosion of taste for appetizers, canapés, bruschetta.

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