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Colline Novaresi DOC - Barlàn

Barlàn is a rosè wine out of all standards, produced exclusively with Nebbiolo DOC GHEMME grapes.

Creating a rosé using as a base the top of the Italian red berried grape, Nebbiolo in fact, may seem paradoxical, in fact the result was brilliant.

Nebbiolo has perfectly fallen into these unusual robes relying on a high level of acidity and an important range of aromas.

The color is pink with reflections tending to copper, on the nose has a bouquet of floral notes, on the palate is fresh and robust but soft despite the fact that it is a young wine.

Le Revue Du Vin De France "The rosé wine is exceptional, tasted blindly is worth a great rosé of Provence"

The Barlàn was awarded the gold medal at the San Francisco International WINE Competition.


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Monsú Rosé Langhe D.O.C. Rosato 2021

Un vino dal colore rosa salmone, dal profumo ampio, fresco e con sentori floreali e note fruttate, con sapore fresco, morbido e armonico, di corpo.

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Rosato Faleno

A delicate wine, with a pale onion skin color and a gentle aroma with fruity notes and rose hips

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