In order to give the best high-quality selection of Italian cheese to our customers, we have chosen to work together only with dairies that convey their passion in their everyday job and pay great attention to reach a superior quality level in their products. From the milk collection to the cheese production and seasoning, they use exclusively local products.

Choose among our dairy excellences: delicious DOP and IGP cheese from goat, cow, buffalo and sheep's milk, smoked and aged with thyme or hay. Discover the most tasty cheese matured with marc and wine from red and white grapes or the ricotta smoked in a wood oven.


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Pecorino Castagnolo - refined in chestnut leaves

White cheese with a few holes, a crumbly texture and a sweet and persistent taste due to refinement in chestnut leaves. It is a product aged in oak barrels that give it unique flavor and scent.

€13.40 Price

Quadrà del Barba

This cheese takes its name from its squared shape and it is suitable for all needs depending on the aging, always with a strong flavor and a soft paste. You can enjoy it naturally or with sauces like Cugnà or sweet mostardas. We combine it with a Grignolino, a medium structure Barbera or even a Ruché.

€9.50 Price

Tomin del Barba

Depending on the seasoning, the flavor of this cheese can vary from sweet to tasty, usually medium-aged. Medium-soft pasta. You can taste it natural or with sauces like Cugnà or other sweet mostardas. We pair it with a Grignolino, a medium structure Barbera or even a Ruché.

€10.00 Price
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