Seasoned cheese

For our selection of seasoned Italian cheese we have chosen dairies that are distinguished by the passion transmitted in their work and the great attention paid to the search for a superior quality of the product. From the collection of milk, to the production up to the aging of the cheese using local products. Choose among our dairy excellences: delicious goat cheese aged with black pepper, cow and buffalo cheese. Discover smoked or drunk cheese with marc and wine from red and white grapes.

Seasoned cheese

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Quadrà del Barba

This cheese takes its name from its squared shape and it is suitable for all needs depending on the aging, always with a strong flavor and a soft paste. You can enjoy it naturally or with sauces like Cugnà or sweet mostardas. We combine it with a Grignolino, a medium structure Barbera or even a Ruché.

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Toma del Barba

At the tasting, this cheese is soft, sweet and well suited to all palates. It can be enjoyed on its own or in pairing with cugnà, acacia honey, wine jellies, fig jam, etc. It is recommended to accompany it with structured wines like the Barbera Superiore or other wines aged in wood.

€10.50 Price

Tomin del Barba

Depending on the seasoning, the flavor of this cheese can vary from sweet to tasty, usually medium-aged. Medium-soft pasta. You can taste it natural or with sauces like Cugnà or other sweet mostardas. We pair it with a Grignolino, a medium structure Barbera or even a Ruché.

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Sweet caciotta made with High Quality raw milk from our farms. It has a yellow straw color rind, a sweet paste and a minimum aging of 40 days, much appreciated by children.

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