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"Fuoco" is born from a careful selection of malts of Bohemian origin, which differ in roasting and consequently in organoleptic characteristics, taste and color, and from a selection of hops of Slovenian origin, characterized by a delicate aroma and slightly spicy taste, with the addition of chestnut honey.

A copper-colored beer, full-bodied and with a moderate and persistent foam hat. The nose is dominated by the aroma of chestnut honey (of artisanal production), with a floral note, and bread crust, these scents that are found by tasting it.

All in balance with the delicate bitterness given by the selected hops. The alcohol content is 7.0% vol.

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"Terra" takes its cue from the British recipes and has markedly hoppy notes and a medium high alcohol content. Its taste is intense, with strong herbaceous and fruity aromas and with a body of medium intensity. The initial bitterness leaves room for an explosion of scents resulting from the hop aroma and caramelized malts used.

The result is a beer of amber yellow color, with a compact foam medium persistent. On the palate is immediately noticed a good body, a strong bitter predominance, with reduced effervescence and good persistence. There are notes of cocoa (derived from the roasting of malt) and a herbaceous aroma.

Despite the alcohol of 7.0% vol. in the mouth is balanced and never pungent.

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"Acqua" encloses the Clarity of malts and the characteristic notes of Bohemian hops, with yeasts and fermentation characteristics typical of the classic British "Ale". The result is a light gold beer with a medium body and a compact white foam hat.

On the palate it is very light and drinkable, an excellent mix of light hints of bread crust (derived from the malts used), in balance with the spice and bitterness derived from hops carefully selected by us and dosed.

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"Aria" comes from a mix of barley and wheat malts, pure water of the Susa valley, hops from Germany and a particular strain of yeast that gives it a fruity aromatic bouquet and a marked hint of banana, vanilla and cloves.

Strictly unfiltered, it is opalescent gold, with a characteristic white foam hat, compact and persistent.

On the palate is fresh and harmonious, moderately acidic and refreshing. The taste of hops is not very pronounced, while the alcohol content is 5.3% vol.

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