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Colomba Mandorlata - handmade product

A handcrafted product of excellence: Master Mario Arculeo signs the classic Colomba with almonds with a careful selection of raw materials: raisins, candied orange and a rich glaze with almonds.

The dove Dough is extremely soft, rich in candied fruit, the scent of citrus is heady.

A pleasure to be enjoyed at the end of a meal or at any other time of the day.

€28.00 Price

Colomba al Pistacchio di Sicilia - handmade product

The artisanal Colomba al Pistacchio di Sicilia is one of the symbols of this beautiful land, just a simple taste to discover the flavors and scents of the Sicilian tradition!

The dove dough is soft and made with 100% pistachio paste, the filling is pistachio and in the sweet icing we find white chocolate together with pistachio and pistachio praline: In short, a triumph of this precious fruit signed by Maestro Arculeo.

€32.00 Price

Colomba ai Profumi di Sicilia - handmade product

The Colomba ai Profumi di Sicilia is a triumph of fruit!

Artisanal Colomba with soft and citrus-flavoured dough, rich in candied orange and candied lemon. The figs of Monreale are nuanced with the Malvasia and the precious late Mandarin of Ciaculli, candied. Icing with almond and cinnamon.

A product of excellence for your Easter!

€30.00 Price

Colomba Limoncello and Strawberries. - handmade product

Colomba with limoncello and strawberries. With this culinary excellence Sicily and Campania meet in a blaze of flavors and scents.

The soft dough is flavoured with citrus fruits, candied Syracuse IGP lemon, semi-candied Ribera strawberries, Amalfi limoncello.

€32.00 Price

Colomba Setteveli - handmade product

The artisan Colomba Setteveli signed by Chef Mario Arculeo comes with a soft dark chocolate dough in combination with a tasty hazelnut cream and gianduia. The icing is dark chocolate 60% with the addition of hazelnuts pralinate.

A dove full of taste to celebrate Easter.

€30.00 Price

Colomba Strudel - handmade product

The artisanal Colomba Strudel del Maestro Arculeo is an Easter dessert enriched with raisins, praline nuts, the famous apple Annurca campana IGP candied and cinnamon. The icing is rich in almonds and nuts.

The slow rising, in combination with a choice of excellent raw materials, give this sweet taste and unique aromas.

€30.00 Price
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