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La Granda Trasformazione

Fassona beef from Piedmont

La Granda is "keeping by innovating": a responsible intervention on the territory that protects and enhances tradition, using technologies and studies in continuous renewal.

The Granda Transformation was founded in 2004 as a path of enhancement of the Fassona beef quality, paying attention to the features of all parties that contribute to the supply chain. It starts from the ground that is the basis for producing good meat.

The Founder, Sergio Capaldo, shows with his studies that agriculture is the sector in which technology, culture and science find the "best terrain". La Granda has the aim of transforming the cattle into different cuts that minimize the waste of meat ensuring a real and continuous gain to farmers.

All this is possible thanks to the introduction of the controlled fixed price. Over the years, the company has developed various sectors among which the production of sausages and ready-made products. Everything, however, always respecting quality production, attention to taste, environment, consumer health and safeguarding of the economic value to be given to producers.

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Ragout La Granda

Traditional ragout, made with Fassona adult beef Razza Piemontese (Slow Food Presidium) and the addition of tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, extra virgin olive oil and red wine.

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