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Valle Ostilia

A farming tradition handed down from generation to generation

In 1994, two families, the Aresi and the Roggerone, decided to put together their olive groves, their experience and their passion for cultivation, giving rise to Valle Ostilia, a company that aims to bring on the tables around the world products that enhance the typicality of the Ligurian tradition starting from the love for simple things and of the past times.

Fundamental characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil of our production are the high quality and the absolute genuineness of the product at the origin; this characteristic is preserved in the products in oil, where also vegetables and olives are from our land. This quality can be obtained thanks to the particular exposure of the olive groves of our company, that grow at different altitudes and different solar exposures, creating unique and particular microclimates that give the oil intense and lively characteristics and scents.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Taggiasca"

Obtained from the cold processing of Taggiasche olives collected in our olive groves and ground within 24 hours, it is an essential component of the most refined cuisine because its gentle aroma does not cover the flavors but enhances them.

€15.50 Price

Pulp of Taggiasca Olives

This olive pulp is obtained from our Taggiasca olives in brine; the fruits are separated from the kernel and the pulp is ground, the final addition of extra virgin taggiasca olive oil makes it soft and creamy.

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