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Le Antighe

Traditional Emilian wines

"Le Antighe" comes from a hilly area at the foot of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines that, for its favourable position and temperatures, can give life to high quality vineyards. Since 1972 at an altitude of 400 meters, right on the slopes of the hill we cultivate and select vines that express to the maximum their qualitative characteristics.

In 1979 we moved our winery to a new building where it still houses the headquarters of the company. In the 90s we installed a refrigeration system to control temperature and, at the same time, to insert the necessary ferments during the fermentation process to exalt the aromas of wine. In 2012, with the transition from concrete to stainless steel barrels, we expanded our cellar and began to experiment with a new vinification method, that will lead us to the Charmat method. Our vineyard produces still red wines such as Rosso Le Antighe and sparkling wines such as Lambrusco as well as sparkling whites such as Aliano. The last gem of our winery is an excellent brut white sparkling wine, sparkling Lambrusco, winner of the "Lambrusco di San Donnino 2019" prize awarded by the Italian Sommelier Association.

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The Grechetto Gentile, better known as Pignoletto, takes its unique scents from the flowers and wild mint that grow wild among the rows of vines. Straw yellow color, delicate flavor with a characteristic bitter aftertaste. Intense very fresh scent with hints of mint and fresh flowers.

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Dry Sparkling Wine

Dry sparkling wine produced with Pinot Blanc grapes, with a fresh and fruity taste, straw-yellow in colour with subtle and persistent pearls. Bouquet with a typical bread crust taste. On the palate is elegant with a strong character and a balanced acidity.

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An intense ruby red wine with a vegetal and floral scent of fresh red fruit and blackberries. On the palate, it is fresh, fruity and pleasant, dry and balanced.

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A sparkling wine with a Straw yellow color and golden reflections. Its taste is fresh and it has a characteristic aromatic vein and a fruity scent with hints of peach and apricot.

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