Shipment is a serious matter for us, because it is the completion of the service we want to provide you. GourmEat has agreements only the best carriers in Italy. This is why you might find us a little more expensive than other e-commerce. Delivering the excellence you have purchased is a delicate phase at least as the selection of the same: our goal is to be happy at the table while you taste the delicacies you bought from GourmEat.

That is why we see transport as a strategic phase without compromise.

Perishable goods

You will receive perishable products packaged in special isothermal polystyrene containers or thermal bags, in combination with one or more gel cooler bags (depending on the required route and the season) to ensure the strict maintenance of the cold chain until the product reaches its destination.

The delivery of perishable goods takes place in 24 - 48 hours from shipment throughout Italy using exclusively DHL Express.

In case that the shopping cart includes mixed products, ie perishable and not, the package will be sent following the description and timing of perishable products.

All our shipments are tracked and GourmEat¹ will provide its customers with live tracking to geolocate your parcel in any time and be sure not to miss delivery.

Shipping cost

The shipping cost is € 15.00 throughout Italy, except for Venice and the islands. Shipping rate is free for orders over € 110.00

Venice and islands

For the above areas is required a surcharge of € 12,00 

LU-VE 08:00-19:00