Unlike the "dropshipping", formula in which the consumer buys on an e-commerce a series of products that are shipped directly from the various suppliers, having to match the shipping costs from each manufacturer, we offer you our warehouse, to allow you to receive the products you have selected in the shortest possible time, recognizing the costs of only one transport.

Sometimes, however, it may happen that some products are not in stock, if it is not a product out of season, so we ask you to have a little 'patience and allow us to stock: a few days of waiting will be amply rewarded by the satisfaction you will feel in tasting it.

Orders received are processed from Monday to Friday in multiple daily flows to ensure the shortest response time.

The products in our warehouse can be delivered to the courier within 24/48 hours.

In case that the products requested are not present in the warehouse we will contact the manufacturer to be able to supply them, normally the time of replenishment of the goods does not exceed 7 days.

Perishable goods

Shipments of perishable products are made from Monday to Wednesday to be sure that the same are not stationed in some logistics center during the weekend, resulting in alteration of the content. Orders received from 12:00 on Wednesday will be processed from the following Monday.

Packages containing perishable and non-perishable products will follow the indications of perishable products.


Non-perishable goods

Shipments of packages containing only non-perishable products, in addition to complying with the indications of perishable products, could also be made on Thursday and Friday.

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