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Colomba al Pistacchio di Sicilia - handmade product

The artisanal Colomba al Pistacchio di Sicilia is one of the symbols of this beautiful land, just a simple taste to discover the flavors and scents of the Sicilian tradition!

The dove dough is soft and made with 100% pistachio paste, the filling is pistachio and in the sweet icing we find white chocolate together with pistachio and pistachio praline: In short, a triumph of this precious fruit signed by Maestro Arculeo.

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Greme Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG

A fresh and elegant Prosecco Superiore DOCG, with a fruity aroma, heroically produced in the "greme", our inaccessible and difficult hills. A prosecco with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, fresh and elegant with hints of apple, acacia, pear and rose, with a harmonious and delicate taste, sapid and slightly aromatic.

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1.11 FAL Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG

A sparkling wine refermented in bottle, controlled and guaranteed by the Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG brand, straw yellow in color, slightly veiled for the presence of the bottom, with a fine perlage, elegant and continuous, with deep and elegant hints of ripe fruit and bread crust, fresh and round taste.

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Sausage With Hazelnut

Raw sausage prepared with noble cuts of pork and flavored with spices according to our recipe. Stuffed in natural casing and seasoned slowly to obtain a product soft to the touch and tasty to the palate.

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Colomba Setteveli - handmade product

The artisan Colomba Setteveli signed by Chef Mario Arculeo comes with a soft dark chocolate dough in combination with a tasty hazelnut cream and gianduia. The icing is dark chocolate 60% with the addition of hazelnuts pralinate.

A dove full of taste to celebrate Easter.

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Quadrà del Barba

This cheese takes its name from its squared shape and it is suitable for all needs depending on the aging, always with a strong flavor and a soft paste. You can enjoy it naturally or with sauces like Cugnà or sweet mostardas. We combine it with a Grignolino, a medium structure Barbera or even a Ruché.

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Barbera d'Alba 'Vignota' DOC 2019

An intense ruby red wine tending to garnet with aging. Fruity and herbaceous aromas, with notes of ripe cherry. In the mouth it is full, intense, with a strong acidity and a finish of good persistence.

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Colomba ai Profumi di Sicilia - handmade product

The Colomba ai Profumi di Sicilia is a triumph of fruit!

Artisanal Colomba with soft and citrus-flavoured dough, rich in candied orange and candied lemon. The figs of Monreale are nuanced with the Malvasia and the precious late Mandarin of Ciaculli, candied. Icing with almond and cinnamon.

A product of excellence for your Easter!

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Salami with Truffles

Raw salami prepared with noble cuts of pork, flavored with spices and aromatic herbs according to our recipe. Stuffed in natural casing and seasoned slowly to obtain a product soft to the touch and pleasing to the palate. Flavored with black truffle.

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Nebbia - Smoked Carnaroli rice - Tube box

We took our best Carnaroli rice and smoked it with cherry wood for 14 hours to obtain a product with soft woody notes, intense smell pleasantly delicate to the palate.

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Egg Pasta - Tagliolini

An egg pasta made with Italian durum wheat semolina and whole eggs, slowly drawn to bronze. Excellent seasoned with a wild boar sauce.

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