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Typical Piedmontese Products.

In the early 40s, in a small plantation of artichokes cultivated near the vineyards, our grandmother and founder of the family, Margherita, gave life to a pastime that quickly became a job. On our farm every process is strictly carried out by hand, following the characteristics of the ingredient, from harvesting to processing up to the bottling and labelling.

Our products, 100% Italian fruits and vegetables , are not stored in cold rooms but immediately processed, thus preserving their organoleptic qualities, aromas and flavours typical of the land that produces them.

We like to approach directly with producers and consumers, following the seasonality of our raw materials and introducing to the market sottolio products, fruit compotes, appetizers from the Piedmontese tradition with those recipes that have been handed down in families for generations.

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Bagna cauda

Traditionally, Bagna Cauda was prepared at the end of the harvest to reward the harvesters of the work done: in fact, still today it is prepared and consumed in the autumn and winter period. The Bagna Cauda more than just a dish, is a real hymn to conviviality.

€8.50 Price

Bruschetta with Eggplant and Peppers

If you are looking for a delicious recipe for an appetizer or aperitif, the bruschetta of eggplant and peppers is an irresistible dish. The vegetables come from the farm's garden and are processed immediately after harvesting.

€6.50 Price

Chili compote

Originally, this compote was prepared only in the Calabria region, but now is widespread and loved throughout Italy for its combination of sweetness and spiciness.

€5.50 Price

Chili Pepper in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Typically prepared in the summer months, this homemade preserve is one of the most versatile in the kitchen: excellent for giving flavor and spiciness to first courses, appetizers and bruschetta

€5.50 Price

Fig Compote

A fig compote made with few good ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Ideal in combination with goat cheese.

€6.50 Price


Once, the 'Giardiniera' was a storage method for part of the vegetables produced in the summer months, in order to consume them during the winter: the philosophy of "nothing is wasted". Today, with the same philosophy, we propose this delicious Piedmontese appetizer with farm-to-table vegetables, consisting of seven sweet and sour vegetables.

€9.00 Price

Mostarda with Moscato grapes

Mostarda is a typical product of the Piedmontese culinary tradition, obtained by combining grape must with seasonal fruit such as apples, quinces, peaches or figs. The liquid must and fruit are cooked and made to thicken to get the classic consistency of a jam.

€6.50 Price

Peach Compote

We prepare this compote with the peaches of our trees with all their flavor: a sweet memory of summer in the colder months.

€8.50 Price

Piedmontese Mixed Appetizer

This timeless traditional appetizer is made only with local vegetables and 100% Italian ingredients. Once, it was prepared by the Piedmontese peasant families and today this recipe is still appreciated, thanks to the flavor of fresh vegetables that goes exceptionally well with sweet and sour tomato sauce.

€9.00 Price

Strawberry Compote

A compote made with farm-to-table fresh strawberries, harvested at the time of their maximum ripening. We obtain a unique compote, ideal to give a touch of sweetness and color to all your recipes.

€8.50 Price
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